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The Bianchi Law Group, LLC's 

Nothing But The Truth Podcast

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC's 

Nothing But The Truth Podcast

Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023 writes 'The White Jaguar' and the ongoing Blog 'That's Fan Behavior'👑


Bob and Dave welcomes a shining star to the radio show, with the NJ’s teen influencer UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss New Jersey Teen USA...
Uma talks about change, going outside your comfort zone and what’s it like starting a blog at 12 and soon after crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA.

UmaSofia in her own words:

I am UmaSofia Srivastava, the creator behind That's Fan Behavior. On here I cover everything from feminism, my experience as a woman of color, and the many other things I'm passionate about, including advice on topics that wonderful people like you submit! If you've been here since the Summer of 2020 when I first started my blog at only 12, you know that there's been a little bit of a rebrand.

I always say that your most authentic self is your best self, and as someone who has experienced a lot of change apart from growing up, - transferring schools in my sophomore year and being crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA to name just a few - my goal is to inspire people to be their true selves! Whether that means going outside your comfort zone and trying new things, or going through a complete 360º transformation (trust me, I've been there!), I hope that both my achievements and mistakes show you that taking a risk is never the worst thing; not knowing what could've happened if you did, is. So regardless of what people say, remember that only YOU know YOU, and that's all that matters. The rest? That's fan behavior. 

The Mindset Driving Professional Athletes and Fortune 500 Companies with Jade Gordon

Bob & Dave have one of their finest guests to date, Jade Gordon💥 carrying out her father's legacy and leadership.

Jade works closely with her Dad and best selling author #jongordon - - -
Jon Gordon's interflow of 'the science of optimism' with faith teaches positivity in leadership to - Fortune 500 companies, professional & college sports teams, school districts, hospitals and more. Jade Gordon carries out this message of how to avoid the negative and lead with focus and positivity in this week's #podcast🎙

"A future that hasn't happened yet. Fear believes in a negative future. Faith believes in a positive future. Both believe in something that has not yet happened."
Jon Gordan

Jade Gordon:
Keynote Speaker + Certified Workshop Facilitator 📧 For Inquires- Email Clemson Alum 🐅 & Proud Follower of Jesus ✞

🛡Your Host David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth

Alex Ganz from 'Jobot' Talks AI in Staffing and Recruiting

The Jobot Pro

Alex Ganz💥 and David Bruno on the #podcast with talks on #blockchain and the 'Jobot' - the staffing and recruiting company revolutionizing the business with the use of #machinelearning and #AI‼️🦾

Alex Ganz is a highly motivated professional with a diverse background in Recruiting, Franchise Consulting, Strategic Business Partnerships, and Entrepreneurship. With over twelve years of experience in Business Development, Sales, and Leadership, Alex has made significant contributions to global entities and multiple start-ups in the recruitment, technology, product development, and Web3 space.

Driven by a passion for connecting with others, Alex excels in building strong relationships and expanding their network. Alex's interests span the exciting realms of Recruitment, Technology, Web3, Product Development, Franchising, and Investments. As a Jobot Pro, Alex works directly with clients, leveraging their expertise to identify the most relevant and suitable opportunities for individuals' career aspirations.

🛡Your Host David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth

Commercial Real Estate Owner Gives Us the Drill on Todays Market

Jeff. A Jones of Amerisource Realty Network LLC joins the #radioshow with his journey as #army drill sergeant and teacher to leader in the #NJ #commercialrealestate landscape | with his promise of excellence and unique qualifications in meeting client objectives.

🛡Your Host David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth WMTR AM-1250

Perspectives from Seasoned Wrestler & Youth Wrestling Coach Ryan Brennan


Ryan Brennan, husband, father, former Division 1 wrestler and current youth #wrestling coach, joins David Bruno as #podcast host.
Ryan has over 15 years of coaching experience at the youth and high school level and currently coaches for the Motown Grappler Club and The Wrestling Coach Academy, not to mention Ryan is a financial leader in the present day. 
🛡Your Host David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth WMTR AM-1250

The “WOW” Factor Your Event Must Have with Peony Events

Founder of Peony Events, Stacey Sainato, demonstrates leadership in the world of Event Planning, five-star Weddings and the best of Galas, we learn more on marketing trends and quality service in this industry, with over twenty years of expertise. #bosslady #WeddingVenue #eventplanning #eventplanner 

Peony Events is a top-rated, full-service, boutique event and wedding planning + design firm located in the heart of Morristown, New Jersey. We specialize in five-star #Weddings, Corporate Functions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, #Galas, and #Fashion & #Luxury Events while offering a one-stop shop for all your fashion styling and event design needs. #newjersey 

🛡Your Host David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth

Pat Glory: A Talk on The Path to Victory


Pat Glory and #NCAA 2023 Wrestling #Champion talks about winning through #mindset, sports #mindfulness and how letting go of negative thinking paved his path to #victory. 🏆
🛡Your Host Robert Bianchi & David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth

How Everything Can Come Together through Persistence and Mindset with Influencer Becca Brazil

David Bruno & Bob Bianchi invites the very talented Becca Brazil ~ captivating numerous media outlets, including #Forbes, Bravo TV, Yahoo, and Rolling Stone as an artist, musician and influencer. Becca joins the #radioshow on how everything fell in to place suddenly after years of hard work💥

More on Becca Brazil:

Becca Brazil, Co-Founder of Level Up Media PR. Red Carpet Host/Artist/Digital & Social Media sensation, featured on the 2022 Cover of Global Woman Magazine & the original Miss Jetset Magazine cover girl.

She was featured on the cover of Global Woman Magazine in 2022 and crowned as the original Miss Jetset Magazine cover girl.

Becca Brazil has recently performed alongside Adil C on Spotify. Their radio hit single ‘Hey Baby’ has been streamed non-stop by fans charting on both CANADA & LUXEMBOURG top 50.

Level Up Media PR boasts a hand-picked team of talented coaches, each bringing their expertise and experiences to the table. Through collaborative efforts, they have crafted a step-by-step process that packages clients' brands, generates profitable streams, and enhances visibility through strategic press, media, and PR campaigns.

Learn to take your Business from Unknown to Unforgettable

David Bruno invites Rachel Weaver to the show, Racheal shares insights on perspectives from diverse cultures in traveling the world, and despite the odds with her company that takes individuals and businesses from unknown to unforgettable.

More on Rachel:

Rachel is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has a diverse range of skills in business, communications, and psychology.
She is a keynote speaker, MC speaker, red carpet interview host, and co-founder and CEO of Level UP Media PR, and a business consultant.
She loves helping entrepreneurs and business owners shine their light and be seen as the celebrity in their market . Level UP's tagline is Start Unknown, Finish UNFORGETTABLE. Rachel has consulted and helped scale many businesses. She has a passion for helping businesses develop a unique luxury customer experience and a team culture that elevates the entire company. Rachel has lived in different parts of the world, which gives her a broad understanding of various cultures and how they operate in the business world. This knowledge is a significant advantage for her clients.
Recently, Rachel has ventured into film production, and she has a book set to be released soon. Overall, Rachel is a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur who has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer her clients.
Rachel has been featured in many publications such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, CEO Weekly, US Reporter, and She was named one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs of 2023 in Global Women Magazine.

Self-Branding & Brand Building Secrets w/ Industry Rockstar Heidi Cortez

@heidicortez ~

Best Selling Author & Branding Expert Heidi Cortez on helping others with brand building, life #goals & business coaching. All on #NothingButTheTruth‼
"I help entrepreneurs, creatives and small businesses turn their passion and skills into real, profitable online businesses"

More on Heidi:
Cortez is a self-taught writer who quickly gained interests with giant brands like SIRIUS Radio and Simon & Schuster. Cortez was hired by SIRIUS Radio in 2005, then soon published her first book with Simon & Schuster in 2006. Her book immediately hit the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers list. With the booming popularity, the book was published again by Simon & Schuster the next year in paperback.

Heidi's self-branding also included acting and modeling, which took off internationally in television and print. In 2008 Cortez was cast on the hit American reality television show Sunset Tan on the E! Network. She spent two seasons on the highly-rated television show, which skyrocketed her tanning salon business and entrepreneur success.

In late 2021 Cortez launched :Affordable clothing for female entrepreneurs, hustlers & go-getters.

In 2022 Heidi's popularity to help others with their brands grew beyond what she could personally handle, but still wanted to continue to share with others a gateway to successful branding, social media verification, and making money online. She wrote her fourth book, Get Verified and Profit Like A Boss. Which is currently available for download here:


@drkaga The Kaga Institute 

Mira Kaga, MD joins the #radioshow with the belief that looking better doesn’t mean you need to look different. All on #NothingButTheTruth #radio with your Host Robert Bianchi & David Bruno. lookgoodfeelgood #beauty 

More of Doctor Mira Kaga:
Mira Kaga, M.D. is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University with a degree in the bachelor of the arts. She went on to become a TempleMed Scholar and was awarded her medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine Internship at Georgetown University Hospital and received her residency diploma from Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Dr. Kaga is also Board-Certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Kaga uses the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine that produce beautiful, flawless results with reduced pain, bruising, and downtime. She prides herself in her ability to combine her injectable and laser training in order to achieve flawless, natural results that leave you looking better, not different.

'The Mayor of the People' is to be Found in New Jersey

 Mayor James R. Barberio

Bob & Dave are honored to have Mayor James R. Barberio #Parsippany known as the 'Mayor of the People'. Moving #stories of how to Mayor put the people of #NewJersey first. WMTR AM-1250 #NothingButTheTruth 

🇺🇸 A recent message from the #Mayor:

2023 Annual Budget Statement after May 2, 2023 Budget Meeting.
I would like to thank all of the residents who attended our Budget Meeting and Workshop last night. Our budget process allows any interested resident to be better informed and I have always said that the process works best when our residents ask questions and communicate their ideas.
After last nights meeting, I had a great conversation with Councilman Paul Carifi, Jr about how impressed we were with the input from residents, so we spoke with the Township Council about scheduling another Budget meeting on May 9, 2023 from 5 - 7 p.m. for Planning, Zoning, Construction, Recreation, Water, Sewer, and the Knoll. This is about maximizing opportunities to be transparent with public funds and encouraging members of the public to be involved in the process.
#PrideInParsippany #Parsippany #parsippanytheplacetobe

Taking Massive Action with Integrity and Focus with Alex Demczak

Helping leaders transform their teams and change the world.

Bob and Dave have an engaging conversation with Alex Demczak, passionate about helping high-performance leaders take the next step in their leadership journey through the virtue of #integrity. Alex has worked with some most successful companies across various industries and shows you how to seek a path of #success the right way.

More on Alex Demczak:
Alex Demczak is a top keynote speaker and trainer for the Jon Gordon Companies. He frequently delivers keynotes and conducts training programs based on The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team with the goal of helping leaders transform their teams and change the world. Alex is an innovative entrepreneur that has a knack for starting new ventures such as Thrive U, Coach’s Corner, MU Courtesy Carts, Thrive, Speakers, Ignite small groups, and collaborates with multiple startups.

Some of Alex’s past clients include: The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, Veterans United Home loans, OneCoast Retailers, O’shea Builders, and many others. Alex’s mission is to help people increase their performance, enhance their leadership, and maximize their life.

Dr. K The ManagementProfessor: Wants you to Own It with a Growth Mindset

Apply old theories to today’s new business world

Bob and Dave have the pleasure in interviewing Dr. Kovach: The Management Professor... on the topic of #leadership, #motivation, #finance, #communication, how to deal with conflict and excuses v. #ownershipmentality all on #NothingButTheTruth #mindset 

From Dr. K's #youtube channel @DrKTheManagementProfessor - - -
This savvy and enjoyable business management influencer takes managerial behaviors, tools, application, and theory to the next level. In short, pithy episodes, Dr. K couples her corporate expertise and higher education knowledge in applicable and easy-to-follow videos to help you become your best you! Here, you will gain a better understanding of topics and theories discussed in business management, see how they are applicable in the real world, and to build skills managing others. We’ll cover a variety of exciting topics – leadership, motivation, power, resumes, and much more – and apply old theories to today’s business world.

BLG: Where We Were and Where We are Going🛡


Robert Bianchi, Esq., a former Prosecutor along with his partner David Bruno, ran a county’s prosecutor’s office and supervised every investigation, every plea, every trial, every action in that office, upon leaving the Prosecutors office Bob & David started The Bianchi Law Group, LLC. 
#10yearanniversary part 2

🎙Nothing But TheTruth is the podcast that brings you real life encounters and candid conversations with thought provoking guests about their challenges and adversities ~ with captivating stories, ending in personal triumph and ultimate success.

The Bianchi Law Group: 
10 Years in the Making🛡


Robert Bianchi, Esq., a former Prosecutor along with his partner David Bruno, ran a county’s prosecutor’s office and supervised every investigation, every plea, every trial, every action in that office, upon leaving the Prosecutors office Bob & David started The Bianchi Law Group, LLC. 

🎙Nothing But TheTruth is the podcast that brings you real life encounters and candid conversations with thought provoking guests about their challenges and adversities ~ with captivating stories, ending in personal triumph and ultimate success.

Helping Sales Agents Grow Throughout the Country #Realty The Sikora Group

Brett's number 1 priority is the customer experience and client relations 

Want to learn how to build a massive audience on social and get new clients… this episode we have the embodiment of today’s modern real estate agent Brett Sikora. Helping you buy, sell, rent & invest in real estate for over a decade... Bob & Dave talk with Brett on helping agents grow to their true potential in #NewJersey and abroad.

Clarity Mindset to Reach Your Financial Goals with Candy Valentino

With a proven system for building wealth, Candy shows you how the "think to get rich' philosophy will only get you so far, you have to do to become wealthy.

Bob & Dave talk with Candy Valentino Real Estate Investor and Speaker, on achieving your goals by having the right mind-frame of clarity and resolve.

More on Candy Valentino:
Candy has been featured on #Forbes #cnbc #Bloomberg #Inc #businessinsider to name a few. Candy opened her first brick-and-mortar store at 19 - no college, no connections, no money—and built it into a seven-figure business before most of her friends graduated college.

Over two decades of success as a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, she has labored relentlessly to crack the code of the super-wealthy, and in doing so, has unearthed six simple habits that directly contribute to those who become part of the self-made millionaire class.

Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo: Stands Under Pressure, Stands with the People

Tom talks about his dedication as Commissioner of Morris County Government in addition on the things which really matter the most in his work and the NJ community.

Bob & Dave sit down with Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo - a lifelong #NewJersey resident, who strives for being on the ground and providing a voice for the people of #NJ. 

High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Super Lawyer Gives Golden Advise

Natalie is a MOM, wife, super lawyer, best selling author and speaker. She empowers, educates & inspires women to reach their unlimited potential!

David Bruno with Natalie Elisha Gold an award-winning attorney, best selling author, a nationwide speaker about women and money, and a fearless cheerleader for her clients' success.

More on Natalie:
Founder of Goldberg LLP., which bring the power of estate planning law to you, were Natalie focuses her legal practice on high net worth and ultra high net worth families.
Natalie's team works closely with all families and even established a company Life, Legacy Legal that provides top notch planning for the masses.
🛡Your Host Robert Bianchi & David Bruno #NothingButTheTruth

How to Make Connections & Influence People with Wayne P. Milano

Influence People and Become the Influencer

🎙David Bruno with Wayne P. Milano on body language, the right mindset and strategic thinking when encountering everything from walking into a room to strategic business, all on #NothingButTheTruth #podcast 🎧

About Wayne P. Milano:
Award winning sales professional and manager with more than 18 years of experience in sales, strategy, business development, and sales operations.
Growing and optimizing startup companies to large enterprise firms like JPMC, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, D&B, and EY to name a few.

▷In his own words:
The best way to sum up who I am, is by what I love to do. "I run on dirt paths as paved roads are not my style. Rocky roads with hard climbs, long trails in a dark woods or big open fields; what ever it is I got it. I especially do not want to be arriving at the same preset destination. Rather, I want to love the journey of getting to a place I can't be certain is there, but knowing the finish line is near.”

More on Wayne:
Wayne was Area Vice President of Sales, Central United States at Trifacta, and Regional Director of Strategic Accounts, Northeast at Paxata. Wayne Milano joined Immuta in 2021.
Wayne Milano is currently Vice President of Sales, Strategic Expansion at Immuta

Epic Talks and Epic Goals, How to OverCome World-Shattering Events w/ Melitsa 🚀

Self-Development and Taking Ownership, Don't be a Victim...

🎙Bob & Dave talk with Melitsa on self-development and taking ownership of one's own life despite trauma and world-shattering events, even reaching success in the face of adversities.
About Melitsa Waage @melitsawaage
Melitsa is the best-selling author of "Detoxify Your Mind: Gain Clarity And Control of Your Thoughts to Unlock Your Full Potential." She is a high performance consultant leader, international speaker, and mindset mentor. Her most recent venture is Epic Talks, South Florida's #1 networking event in Miami, FL., of which she is the founder and CEO.

Learn How to Monetize Your Expertise with PR w/ Jay Jaye Instagram AllStar ♠️

Get that BIG BLUE tick on Instagram!

Robert Bianchi & David Bruno talk with Jay Jaye on the importance of #branding, shaking up the industry by offering a holistic approach with his deliverables, content creation and guidance in both PR and Branding.

About Jay:
♠️ Ace of Spades Agency About Jay:
PR and Social Media Entrepreneur and Founder of the Ace of Spades Agency. With over 57 million views on YouTube verified on Facebook and Instagram and spoken in over 30 countries Jay is a true expert in building personal brands.“The key is to keep yourself and your content relevant.”

Jillian Michaels' Success: How She's Tough But Affective 💣

America's Most Loved But Toughest Personal Trainer

Jillian Michaels, best known as a personal trainer on ‘The Biggest Loser and published author - Jillian has become an industry leader as a personal trainer, businesswoman and TV personality - she has also made appearances on the talk shows like ‘The Doctors’ - - and she now joins the #podcast on Nothing But The Truth.

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH #jillianmichaels 

Bashar J. Katou 🚀 On a Mission to Impact 1 Million Lives

Flees War-Torn Iraq as a Kid and Now Crushes it with FBA - Bashar J. Katou

Bob and Dave welcome Bashar J. Katou with the harrowing story of fleeing war-torn Iraq, then eventually overcoming all odds and becoming a successful online #entrepreneur through Amazon FBA and Business Consulting - - - despite failures and adversities. A MUST - - - for anyone who desires the path to #success! #fba #hope #liveyourdreamlife 
More on Bashar: 
BJK University @bjkuniversity
Consulting agency
🏆 The #1 Amazon FBA Education
👨🏻 By @basharjkatou

Steve Ek #liveLifeByDesign

Entrepreneur and Artist Teaches you How to #liveLifeByDesign, Steve Ek on the Podcast!

Steve Ek joins the #podcast on the topic of being true to one's self and reaching your full potential in a fun yet fearless lifestyle for #success.

More on Steve Ek:
Steve lives by his own design and he’s never settled a day in his life. After finding great success in business he moved on to find even more success in entrepreneurship, now he is the coach people come to from all over the world seeking to live their own success.
Steve Ek's Success Circle

He’s been on TV, in magazines and is one of WGN’s “People You Should Know”. With his unique gift of foresight and his fun yet fearless lifestyle he hand crafted his program “Live Life By Design” where he trains you to build both confidence and wealth. His life changing program takes the approach that you have to become the person that can be successful. @steveekoffical

Justin Freishtat

💸Entrepreneur and Investor Reveals the BluePrint of Taking Action - Getting Where you Want to Be! 🧩

Justin Freishtat is an #entrepreneur and #investor. His expertise covers several areas including #health, #wealth, #sales, #business, and personal branding. He sits with Bob & Dave to discuss how to take massive action, plus brings to light: "If you’re an action taker and you aren’t where you want to be, you simply need the blueprint".
Justin Freishtat
I Help Accredited Investors Build Wealth
👇 Managing Partner @kernscapital 5M AUM
👇 VP Sales @heartlandfoods

Paul Getter

The Internet Nerd Paul Getter on Building your Own Brand

Paul Getter with Bob and Dave on being yourself and building your own brand, a #DontMiss episode with one of the internet's greatest #marketers and influencers.
🤓The Internet Marketing Nerd 🤓
Paul help coaches and consultants scale to 7 & 8 figures.
Spending Over $1B In Paid Ads
Paul's Clients:
#grantcardone #garyvee #tialopez #lesbrown and more...🚀

Jeralyn Lawrence

#Divorce On Your Mind... Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq. Divorce & Family Law Leader

💥Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq. joins Bob & Dave, discussing her approach in providing a positive experience to all her clients, especially during the #emotional and trying times of #divorce, if you are dealing with divorce in some way #dontmissit  
"A great compliment to any attorney is knowing that those who have used your services recommend you to friends and family" @lawlawfirm IG

Brian Breach

Brian Breach Online Sensation, as Homeless #ViralGuy, tells us how to #Crushit on Social Media!

Brian Breach viral sensation, as homeless viral guy giving away $100💵 to being featured on major news outlets, TEDx Talks and becoming a major influencer, with the power of mindset, hiphop, and self-discipline as an entrepreneur all on this episode NothingButTheTruth.@brianbreach

Brian Breach is a creator, entertainer, serial entrepreneur, recent TED Talk speaker, and a social media #influencer. His journey started off in the world of music where he spent a decade performing and opening for some of the biggest names in hip hop as well as having his song air nationally as the intro to a TV show for 3 years. In the process of making music he was able to co found GTPS independent label & a highly successful hip hop blog. 

As time passed he also created Sikey Clothing and co founded GTPS printing & is now the founder of Make Me Viral Media. Eventually stepping away from music he has made a name for himself in the world of viral videos/sketch comedy with one of his first social experiments going internationally viral, having the story being featured on FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Inside Edition and many other media outlets. After going viral he has been interviewed on hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, tv, magazine cover features and has been a keynote speaker around the country. In the process he’s also become an expert at branding & marketing. Brian is currently verified on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok with over 123,000 followers on Instagram and a growing fan base and has now taken his skills to help people duplicate his same success with Make Me Viral Media.

Kristiann Colasacco

Cosmetic Surgeon of your Space Talks on How to Embrace the InnerSelf with Positivity and Gratitude

Trendy highly regarded and sought after Kristiann Colasacco, takes the chair with Bob & Dave and talks #gratitude & embracing the inner being with a #positive #mindset to overcome adversity and support each other in the process. @kristiannityc
About Kristiann:
 The Cosmetic Surgeon of your Space, New York Native Interior Designer servicing Westchester to #NYC who studied Interior Design in Los Angeles, California at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM. Kristiann also specializes custom furniture design for particular "space-al" needs. Kristiann was named One of New York's Top 50 Best Interior Designers in 2019 and strives to give each client a unique experience throughout her design process!


#NJ, #Brooklyn Attorney Shows Why Clients Are People not Just what's on Paper

Straight from the headlines interview with Chris Eaton, while serving as Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, and now The Bianchi Group, LLC. Chris sits in-studio with Bob and Dave, on humanizing clients, while fighting for them every step of the way.

More on Chris: Christopher served as an Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn for six years. He spent four years assigned to the Green Zone Trial Bureau, which covers several #Brooklyn neighborhoods.

In that capacity, he handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases and managed a violent felony caseload of over fifty cases including weapons possession, robbery, assault, manslaughter, attempted murder, and gang shootings.

Jackson Lintz

💰#Celeb Give Aways Success and Cutting Edge Social Media w/ Jackson 'takes action' Lintz 💵

Partner of High Key Agency along with brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz, with lucrative clients abroad... Jackson sits with Bob & Dave and talks digital innovations and brand recognition in today's digital marketing ethos. Plus social media celebrity giveaways with celebs like #floydmayweather dababy #cardib 21savage tiga and #nickiminaj...

Jorge E. Morales, Esq.

Former Homicide Prosecutor & Lieutenant Colonel Goes on the #Defense w/ Bob & Dave

Jorge E. Morales, Esq. ~ Former Senior Assistant #Prosecutor In-Charge of Homicide Unit and Retired #Army Judge Advocate Lieutenant Colonel🇺🇸 
Jorge sits with Bob Bianchi & David Bruno, as a new attorney on The Bianchi Law Group, LLC. team, embodying the company’s three pillars of #courage #compassion #commitment and how to achieve any #goal with the right oriented state of mind #mindset.🛡

Pedro Sebasco

FBA Entrepreneur Creates @Nextgeninvestments while Building a Legacy

Pedro Sebasco, entrepreneur and one of the 2 founders of Next Gen Strategic Investments, among other business endeavors... shows what it means to run a business to succeed for his family and with an end goal to create generational wealth and to leave a legacy that represents that. 

Pedro sits down with Bob and Dave with his day to day, centered around his guiding principles: spirituality, reading, daily #affirmations, health/fitness, and constant running of his businesses with the end objective of continuous improvement.

More on Pedro, in his own words:
I believe in living and leading by example and demonstrate these through my actions constantly.

Self-empowered, self-driven, results-oriented, honest, individual with great principles and morals who is a retired Senior Sales Executive and has brilliantly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world.

I am the co-founder of the number one E-Commerce Management Company in the nation, Next Gen Strategic Investments along with Express Auto Lease, South Florida's #1 Auto Brokering Agency, Money Moves The Podcast and LYFE Athletes Fitness Center.

At Next Gen, I believe that success must be shared at all times and be a common goal therefore we will not surrender until you enjoy the results that we promise to deliver on each and every store! When there is a challenge, we bond even closer as every challenge enhances for the next time around.

Kayla Hodges

Kayla Hodges, #1 Female Sales Trainer under 30

Kayla Hodges joins Bob & Dave, showing how through suffering she acquired strength, understanding and wisdom, even in the most dire of situations. 
Kayla is an outspoken advocate against #domesticabuse, and shares her journey as a single mom - overcoming all to be a multi-million dollar sales and couching influencer🔥

Kayla Hodges is an International Speaker and the #1 Female Sales -
Trainer under 30. After doing millions in coaching sales and handling event sales for giants like Alex Hormozi, Patrick Bet-David, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, & Tony Robbins.. Kayla developed a Heart Driven Sales Methodology to help develop sales leadership.

Her mission is to help empower millions of women around the world by going into third world countries and helping women escape domestically violent relationships with their kids through a whisper campaign and helping them learn the skills in order to have the life they truly want to live.

Aoife Roche


Aoife Roche takes the bench, on pushing ones self just a little further, going the distance to accomplish #biggoals🏋🏻‍♀️
Aoife Roche is an internationally recognised Fitness Model, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketing #bosslady. 
She runs her own Digital Marketing & Sales agency Attention Grabbers and has her own Fitness Brand and Coaching program D.R.E.A.M Fit. She is also the Author of the Book “How to Think Yourself Attractive” in which she explains how attractiveness in life is much more mental than physical and that if you can change your Mindset, you can change your life.

Molly Parmer 


Tiger King Lawyer Moly Parmer, joins Bob & Dave with an inspirational story of rising to be one of the country's most recognized Criminal Defense Attorneys as a #women and #leader in her industry, tells the story of rising from humble backgrounds to having her own firm Parmer Law - then being an advocate and service to those in need of much help in her district. #NothingButTheTruth ​ 

About Molly: 
Molly joined the Federal Defender Program in the Northern District of Georgia as a trial attorney in 2015. There, she defended those accused of drug trafficking, international money laundering, war crimes, violations of human rights, firearms violations, immigration offenses, child pornography, and allegations of white collar crime, to name a few. ​ 
She presently serves on the board of directors for the Georgia Innocence Project and on the alumni board for Emory Law, and is frequently featured as a legal analyst on #courttv TV and is a regular media analyst on #FoxNews. ​ 



Christine Cox-West is a Partner at The Fortis Agency a financial services and #wealth management firm. 

Christine is the past NJ Chapter President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS). She also sits on the board of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce among many Fortune 500 Executives as well as chairing their Women in Business Program. In 2019 Christine was named NJBiz Top 40 Under 40. 

Talks positivity and the benefits of financial goal setting, to live one's best life for themselves and for the one's they love. Christine is a wife to husband, David, and mother to Alexa, Jack and Axel.


BRIAN RAND, CEO Events Sales Agency ~ Sales GOAT or "The Unicorn" of Sales

Events Sales industry leader, Brian Rand, called the "unicorn" by embodying perfect salesman skills and versatility in his field. 

Brian Rand otherwise known as, “The Unicorn,” has been helping scale companies through live event sales for the last 20 years. He went on to work for some of the largest names in the sales training business like: Dale Carnegie and Grant Cardone, before pursuing his own dream and founding “EVENT SALES AGENCY,” just six months ago. 

Bob & Dave talk on Brian’s tumultuous beginnings as a troubled youth, to being one the most sought after high performance #sales mavericks of our time.


Emmy-nominated RockStar Producer and #bosslady

Lisa Marie Falbo - Emmy-nominated executive producer and TV Host talks with Bob & Dave about starting her own production business despite it being potentially a 'longshot', a positive mindset and new beginnings in business as well as a Mom.

Lisa Marie Falbo is CEO and executive producer of Long Shot Productions.
LISA MAIRE FALBO, Executive Producer, Business Women & AKA Rockstar Mom‼️

Lisa has appeared on TLC’s Cake Boss, SNY’s Oh Yeah and WFAN Sports Radio’s Boomer and Carton Show, also with in-season for the New York Giants Radio Network.


CRAIG BALLANTYNE, Best Selling Author, Trainer & Motivational Couch

Structure = Freedom
Craig Ballantyne on the #show with Bob & Dave to take a moment to #impact your life, one morning, one moment at a time. With routines that have have had #entrepreneurs, high-performers and everyday people remove #anxiety and #success blockers - in-turn building the perfect day, and living their best life.

Craig Ballantyne is a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach, co-owner of / The New Early to Rise and the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life, a book that I think goes beyond the morning routine to offer an ideal way for high performers to stay focused on what they’re called to do.


Sheriff James Gannon & Doctor Robert D'Emidio

On this weeks Special Episode @rbianchiesq and David Bruno invite you to The The 200 Club of Morris County 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration.

With Guests James Gannon for Sheriff and Doctor Robert D'Emidio, as they give testimony to all of our #firstresponders, the 200 Club of Morris County and what motivates them in their day to day lives.

As Bob Bianchi will be the Keynote Speaker for the Anniversary Celebration ~ supporting Morris County first responders from: Fire, local Police, New Jersey State Police departments and Emergency Medical Technician services.

JOEY JACKSON, ESQ. - 4/20/22

JOEY JACKSON, ESQ. - CNN and HLN Legal Analyst

Joey Jackson is a legal analyst for CNN and HLN, and founder of JOEY JACKSON LAW, PLLC.

Joey Jackson, Esq. drops some wisdom, when putting on the power of mindfulness, positive thinking and persistence in the face of adversity and even criticism... and when to pay it forward. 


SHANNON BREAM, Best Selling Author & Host of FOXNEWS@NIGHT

Bob & Dave welcomes Shannon Bream from FoxNews@Night #FoxNews, as they discuss Shannon's new Book ‘The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak: Lessons on Faith from Nine Biblical Families’.

With insights of when life presents unexpected twist and turns and how to overcome in the light of #faith.

BILL HAUSER - 3/30/22

BOB & DAVE Talk more on BILL HAUSER'S SMB Team Methods for Success 

Bill Hauser is CEO of the SMB Team, speaker, husband and marketing maverick on self-help strategies for success.

The SMB Team is the fastest growing business-growth company in the legal industry. Providing cutting-edge digital marketing services, premiere legal marketing coaching, and industry-shattering online education. Servicing hundreds of clients in the legal industry, the SMB Team's mission is to help 10,000 business owners 10X their businesses.

In the last four years, Bill has scaled his law firm growth company – SMB Team – to 300% Year-over-Year growth. 

We sit down with Bill Hauser - CEO of the SMB Team, speaker, (newly married) husband and marketing maverick on self-help strategies for success.

BILL HAUSER - 3/23/22

BILL HAUSER - CEO of the SMB Team, Speaker & 
Marketing Maverick

Bill Hauser is CEO of the SMB Team, speaker, husband and marketing maverick on self-help strategies for success.

The SMB Team is the fastest growing business-growth company in the legal industry. Providing cutting-edge digital marketing services, premiere legal marketing coaching, and industry-shattering online education. Servicing hundreds of clients in the legal industry, the SMB Team's mission is to help 10,000 business owners 10X their businesses.

In the last four years, Bill has scaled his law firm growth company – SMB Team – to 300% Year-over-Year growth. 

We sit down with Bill Hauser - CEO of the SMB Team, speaker, (newly married) husband and marketing maverick on self-help strategies for success.

BOB & DAVE - Season RECAP So Far: PART 2

BOB & DAVE offer a Season RECAP 2

Bob & Dave offer a season #recap with Guests:
☞ Chris Hansen from 'To Catch A Predator'
☞ Jesse Cole - The Yellow Tux Guy - founder of The Savannah Bananas
☞ Conner Greene free-agent MLB Pitcher
☞ Stephanie Hamill of One America News Network
☞ Christine Nielsen TEDx Speaker & Transformational Coach


BOB & DAVE offer a Season RECAP 1

☞ Bruce Buffer UFC announcer
☞ JT Foxx #megasucess Entrepreneur and Coach
☞ Katie Kay Young Investor and Speaker
☞ Austin Holman - celebrated coach of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in Scotch Plains, NJ
☞ Ryan Dougherty Time Slippers founder who Escapes a 9-5 to Create a Sneaker Company.


STEPHANIE HAMILL, Host of IN-FOCUS OANN - Journalist & TV Producer

Stephanie Hamill joins Bob and Dave on Nothing But the Truth with insights on living the best version of one's self and 'avoiding the haters', plus overcoming fears and challenges despite humble beginnings.

Stephanie Hamill is an American Political Commentator and TV Producer, born and brought-up in Oro Valley, Arizona. Today Stephanie Hamill is the Host of the One America News Network evening show In-Focus with Stephanie Hamill.

Stephanie explores the top issues and stories of the day using insight and humor cultivated from many years of reporting the news and covering politics. Hamill, a straight shooter, isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks.

Connor Greene - 02/23/22


Conner Greene is an American MLB professional baseball pitcher, who has played for the Baltimore Orioles (currently), Los Angeles Dodgers, and The Toronto Blue Jays. Connor takes the mound, letting us know what it means to be committed, and ‘in it’ for the daily grind, Connor gives us tips on how to strive under pressure, and what it was like to pitch against the NY Yankees.

Jesse Cole - 02/16/22

JESSE COLE, Owner of The Savannah Bananas

Jesse Cole is the owner of the Savannah Bananas. His teams 'The Bananas' have welcomed more than one million fans to their ballparks and have been featured on MSNBC, CNN, ESPN and in Entrepreneur Magazine. The Bananas have been awarded Organization of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year and won the CPL Championship in their first year. 

The Savannah Bananas currently have sold out every game since their first season and have a waiting list in the thousands for tickets.

Bob and Dave begin with where it all started, how Jesse went from a young Baseball GM to an Entrepreneur, using out-of-the-box thinking to overcome adversities, risking everything to see his unconventional vision come to reality and ultimate success. 

Chris Hansen - 02/09/22

CHRIS HANSEN, Awarded Investigative Journalist from ’To Catch a Predator”

Chris Hansen, the investigative reporter known for his ground breaking NBC Dateline show: To Catch a Predator, joins us on the WebSeries. Chris sits down to talk about the origins of To Catch a Predator, his latest series and awareness parents must have in today's 'digital world' when affording children with access to online platforms.

Bob and Dave talk about origins of To Catch a Predator, then his latest series and then awareness parents must have in today's 'digital world' when affording children with access to online platforms. 


CHRISTINE NIELSEN, CEO & Transformational Coach

Christine Nielsen is a master coach and an expert at helping organizations and individuals achieve greater levels of performance. With over 26 years of consulting, she is also a TedX Speaker and shares the stage with incredible leaders such as Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Russell Brunson, along with celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, Christie Brinkley, Steve Wozniak and many more.

Bob & Dave team up with the MegaSuccess Coach in discussing the value of receiving coaching and how not all coaches are alike, and if desiring to be the best you must seek out the best.

JT FOXX - 01/26/22 

MEGA SUCCESS Entrepreneur, Investor and Coach of Super High Performers - JT FOXX

JT Foxx is a private equity fund manager, serial entrepreneur of multiple companies across all sectors, an investor in companies and properties - and the world's number one wealth and business coach. 

Bob & Dave team up with the MegaSuccess Coach in discussing the value of receiving coaching and how not all coaches are alike, and if desiring to be the best you must seek out the best.

Katie Kay - 12/17/21

Entrepreneur, Investor, International Speaker and Coach on Nothing But the Truth

Katie's journey into entrepreneurship started at 19 where she grew her retail empire fast and global. She built and sold off her 12 companies and quickly became a millionaire by the age of 23, and is always looking for the next big thing.  

Coach Austin Holman - 12/10/21

COACH AUSTIN HOLMAN, Celebrated High School Football Coach and Influencer

Austin Holman has also been awarded the New York Jets & Gatorade "COACH OF THE WEEK"! 

Coach AUSTIN HOLMAN’s joins Nothing But The Truth, with his game plan to success. Not only for future star players on the football field but a strategy for each person. Rise through his technique of discipline vs regret… and you can be the MVP of your own life, on and off the field.

Bruce Buffer - 12/03/21

BRUCE BUFFER, UFC Veteran Voice of the Octagon, gives insights on Fighting, Gaming and Business

Bruce Buffer, American professional mixed martial arts ring announcer and the official octagon announcer for UFC events, introduced on broadcasts as the "Veteran Voice of the Octagon". 

Bob & Dave get in the ring with Bruce on when to keep your guard up, and when to be on the offensive in the ring, high level poker and even business.

 Ryan Dougherty - 11/26/21

TIME SLIPPERS‘ RYAN DOUGHERTY, Escapes a 9-5 to Create an Exploding Sneaker Company

In this episode, we invite Ryan Dougherty founder of Time Slippers - who turned a kickstarter and a single idea into to a wildly popular cult revered brand - where sneakers meet slippers. 

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